Note: If you are having problems running this game, e.g. because you are getting a message that your security settings have prevented it from running, then scroll to the bottom of the page for help.

Game instructions:
First select a level by selecting either 'Easy' or 'Hard', and then click the ´New Game´ button to start the game. Now 24 squares containing pictures and 1 empty square are shown. By clicking one of the picture squares next to the empty square, the picture square will slide to the place of the empty square, leaving a new empty square where the picture square was. In order to win the game you must either arrange the number in ascending order on the easy level, or assemble the picture on the hard level. You can change the language of the interface by clicking the flags.

Problems running the game:
First of all, to run the game you will need to have Java installed. If you don't have that already, then you can install it from here:

If you still cannot run the game and are getting a message about your security settings, then it's because the newest versions of Java are overdoing security to such an extent that Java applets now as default cannot run unless they are signed by an official certificate authority. That's a bit too much for a simple game like this, but at least there is a way to get it to run without being signed. Simply add my website to your list of trusted websites (if you do trust it). Then instead of the game being completely blocked from running, you will now get a security prompt where you can choose to run it or not. Here's a link to the official instructions on how to add a trusted website: